Lesson 2:

Trading Habits

This chapter is very important to pay attention to. It's very important to adopt Trading habits early in your career. All the time, traders said they had to learn valuable lessons losing money before earning money. This doesn't have to be you is you take the time to invest in yourself and watch this video. Also, take the time to read through the course of watching every video and taking notes. Here's a video by David Westgate who interviewed hundreds of wealthy traders and compiled a list of habits you should remember.

Now that you watched that video, here's another video by Patrick Wieland who talks about his mistakes he went through before figuring it out and becoming successful.


Preservation of capital is the most important lesson to take from this. Without capital, there's no chance of winning. If you make a mistake, don't average down a losing trade. When thing I learned in trading for years is that the only bottom guaranteed is !

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