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Our Server's Services

Live Stock Alerts

Admins and the owner of Juans Stock Alert Group post entries and exits on all the plays made day by day. They signal the best strike price and premium to go for and our member's profit. 5 - 20 alerts are posted daily, depending on the trajectory of the market. In addition, admins and elite members are present in the discord server to help our members with any questions during the live trades. 


One on One Mentoring

Admins and elite members are there to mentor our members every step of the way. There are no stupid questions here. Feel comfortable asking any questions about anything regarding stocks. The amount of knowledge that is held within our server is unimaginably profound.  Hour-long phone calls are booked daily and our members talk to experienced professionals about any questions they may have had throughout the day. Our members always come back stronger with a strong foundation and team behind them. We aspire to become the largest and best stock alert group server in the world in every single aspect. 

Live News

Our live news bots report all-important news regarding business and the stock market day by day. Get ahead with livestock news.  

In-Depth Technical Analysis

Before our team signals any alerts in our chats we make sure that our callouts are based on in-depth technical analysis. Meaning our alerts are backed up by trend and volume in the stock market. Our swing trades are based on changes in political climate; as well as, personal expert intuition.  

From the second you join our Wall St. Bible you're treated like you deserve, like family. To help our members succeed we have our team on 24/7 answering questions and guiding you to financial freedom. 

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