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Education lesson 24

What To Expect

At the end of the technical Analysis course you will be able to know how to set up your charts properly and conduct a technical analysis in order to determine Entries and Exit of your stock price. Below is an example how what you should know how to do after the course is complete.



If you ever want to know where the price is in relation to when the signal came out and where the profit target is.


1. Break out the CNP chart

2. Click on 1hr time frame

3. Find out date and time signal came out

4. Find out what the profit target is

5. Plot the points in the chart

6. Draw your supports to find the potential bottom

7. Draw resistances to find the potential top

8. DONE. Now you have your roadmap/blue print to the final destination.

real life example, you are traveling from texas to Las vegas. Are you just going to get in the car and go? Or are you going to map it out, examine your route, look for rest stops, find out how long it takes to get to your destination?

Google maps = charts

Route = green line support

Rest stops= yellow resistance lines

Destination = blue take profit target

Please study what I wrote and the chart I posted, invest in yourself by taking the time to learn, become proficient in your craft, join the team of analyst and help us all in our journey to financial freedom. Thank you and hope you learned a little bit more.

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